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About Libre

Our Mission is to Bridge the Gap

Libre is built to deliver a level of transparency, safe custody and rewarding financial services that are necessary for the DeFi ecosystem.

The Origins of Libre

Libre comes from the Latin word meaning “free.” Libretarian is a portmanteau of the word Libre and the suffix -ian to indicate a part of a culture or group. It is a play on the Libertarianism movement that took place in France.

Here at Libre, we the Libretarians, are free of the constraints of tradfi where every like-minded individual forms the part of a community that is committed to a cause for inclusivity, openness, and equality despite global boundaries, political beliefs, or cultural differences.

Meet the Libre Team

Julian V.

Founder, CEO

Josh D.

Founder, COO

Ray O.

Blockchain Developer

Danny J.

Blockchain & Web Developer

Prince R.

Blockchain Tech Advisor

Partnerships & Integrations


Join the Libretarians

At Libre, we believe in supporting the best interests of the community first.