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The Brand-New, Libre DeFi Discord Server

Get hyped! Join the Libre Discord to discover token-holder-only chat channels.

Discord redefines how we interact with stakeholders and monetize in the digital space. Its flexibilities through threaded conversations, consistent hashing and message fanout streamline communications in which relativity is maintained.

It has come to the realization that we, as the Libre community, need to do better in spurring engagement and creating a more organized platform. For this reason, we are very excited to introduce the new Libre server powered and protected by Access. Welcome to the Libre Club!

Introducing Libre Exclusive Hive

As Libre expands its ecosystem, it will become a necessity to take a giant step by offering hardcore Libretarains inherent utilities and values to ensure the future satisfaction provided to the coterie. The Libre’s inner communities are thus separated token-gated Discord channels where the doors are open to $LIBRE holders.

Harnessing the partnership with, $LIBRE token holders will sync the Discord accounts with their wallets where an automated bot will detect the underlying assets and assign access for the exclusive token-gated channels each $LIBRE investor qualifies for. With these private chat-mega channels, we envisage a broad spectrum of use cases afield. More specifically, these will embed the following features:

  • Token holders are treated as stakeholders, with the power to make governance decisions. One path is for token holders to be part of the dynamics in innovation and voting on refined platform adjustments.
  • Intended to empower $LIBRE holders with deeper DAO integrations, Libretarians will engage in all aspects of the protocol. From productivity, team engagement, product enhancement, bug reporting to HR opportunities, it’s exciting to think of the many ways Libre will progress and advance with direct feedback and participation from our community peers

Libre has decentralization at the core of its protocol. We believe this addition to the platform will be instrumental in kicking off the DAO revolution in Libre.

Greater Empowerment for the Community

We envisage the next decade of DeFi with seismic shifts in the way the internet and the community operates. With this in mind, we want to offer the best place for ownership as part of the Web 3 future to everyone, be it avid investors or just curious passers-by.

For the purpose of exploring technical details, risk assessments and even potential write-ups, the core team calls on all Libretarians out there to venture onto a synergetic mission! A hiring channel will be set up to directly recruit community wizards to democratize the direction of Libre’s development. It will posit the cultivation that a trusted environment is built to strengthen our three pillars — accessibility, transparency and security.

Plus, language-specific channels will be added to make Libe DeFi a truly, globally inclusive platform and experience.

Community Optimization

The idea of revamping the community repository on Discord is not to abdicate what we have built on Telegram. In our perspectives, Telegram serves as a general catch-all for chatters, whereas the Discord server will be a work of fundamental operations conducive to initial decision-making of the project, particularly in which professionals are solicited to help find solutions to specific problems, log suggestions and relevant news sharing.

By engaging the community to fluidly align on key decisions, participation will be more inclusive and efficient. That’s a relationship we’d like to maintain and grow with as Libre moves forward.

Join our Discord server:

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