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The Unlimited Power of Libre DeFi

Hey Libretarians, welcome to the new era of the omnipotent multi-chain paradigm for decentralized finance (DeFi)!

TL;DR: Hey Libretarians, welcome to the new era of the omnipotent multi-chain paradigm for decentralized finance (DeFi)! Libre is an emerging DeFi protocol seeking to create a “one-stop-shop” with an unconventional approach. Be it, newcomers or savvy veterans, we have the star-studded lineup of blockchain features to start your crypto journey with!

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The Origins of Libre

Libre comes from the Latin word meaning “free.” Libretarian is a portmanteau of the word Libre and the suffix -ian to indicate a part of a culture or group. It is a play on the Libertarianism movement that took place in France.

Here at Libre, we the Libretarians, are free of the constraints of tradfi where every like-minded individual forms the part of a community that is committed to a cause for inclusivity, openness, and equality despite global boundaries, political beliefs, or cultural differences.

Our Mission to Bridge the Gap

Libre is built to deliver a level of transparency, safe custody, and rewarding financial services that are necessary for the DeFi ecosystem.

1. Community First

At Libre, we believe in supporting the best interests of the community first. We are here to support, educate and empower fellow Libretarians to their best ability. Libre’s core focus is all about democratizing and re-balancing power. In order to deliver a self-governing Libretarian tribe, we adhere to the autonomy concept of “fairness, transparency and sharing”, which shapes the bedrock of Libre DAO. Transitioning to full decentralization, we believe in the wisdom of users (you are the pro in this respect). On the basis of aligned incentives, Libre DAO is missioned to undertake and supervise all decision-making within the community.

2. Seamlessness

We strive to improve and enhance the user experience and remove barriers that prevent equitable participation.

The Web 3.0 ecosystem is baffling many with UX roadblocks centering around accessibility and over-done complexity. It is Libre’s obligation to alleviate these issues. Designed to be implemented on Avalanche, BSC and Polygon blockchains, Libre enables an alternative financial infrastructure that ushers into a novel front-end interface with simple risk tranching and easy onboarding.

3. Giving Back

We believe in making the world a better place, which is why a portion of our trading fees are committed to the Libre charity wallet.

The biggest hurdle with DeFi projects will be to build a Dapp that goes beyond forward-thinking but maintains sustainability and profitability.

As we iterate towards collective management over time, Libre DAO will be heavily focused on moving this needle. With the launch of the Libre Charity Foundation, Libre holders will manage the treasuries to specifically allocate the funding to projects they see as being valuable. Through the initiation of seeding, Libre makes the DeFi world a better place by giving back not only to Libretarians but the borderless ecosystem at large.

4. Transparency

Many often, a trivial point of failure on Dapp whips up catastrophic implications to end-users. Risk exposure must be kept to a minimum and we take this seriously. We will always be forthcoming with our community regardless of what happens. We’re in this together.

5. Inclusivity

We believe that crypto should be available to everyone, everywhere. Too often DeFi is limited to a few larger wallets that are able to take advantage of over-collateralized loans to exploit DeFi protocols, leaving nothing for the average retail investor. Our goal is to make sure all Libretarians are provided a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment.

6. Incentivize

The Libretarian community is the reason why we are here and why the Libre team strives to build a valuable and lasting product that is ultimately owned and governed by its community. We will constantly incentivize our community to be active participants within the project through various programs and methods of engagement.

The Transition of Brand Identity

We are excited to announce our rebranding to Libre. Today, we complete this transition with the launch of our revamped website.

In Summary

We have huge ambitions to revolutionize DeFi products that favor Libretarians from every end of the spectrum while meeting the multi-faceted needs of the community. Essentially, we’ve got a lot planned for our supporters so we invite every one of you to join us on this exciting journey towards a sustainable DeFi protocol for the masses.

Stay tuned for our next announcements, there’s a lot more to come in Libre!

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