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Your Complete Multi-Chain Decentralized Ecosystem

Libre is accelerating the adoption of defi for the masses by reducing the barriers to entry and providing a full suite of services.

An all-in-one defi platform.
For everyone.

The ethos of the Libre project is to create a “one-stop-shop” for all things DeFi.


Peerless token swaps via smart contracts.

Liquidity Incentives

Single asset entry, one-click yield farming protocol.

Stablecoin ($USDL)

Guaranteed 1:1 peg with the US Dollar.


Vote on various proposals having to do with the Libre ecosystem.

Coming Soon

Real-world goods marketplace

USDL, the Libre stablecoin, can be used to purchase real-world goods from a number of our retail partners.

Coming Soon

Farming as a Service

Libre provides our Single Asset entry farming protocol to all of our partners as a way to aid them with their Liquidity Mining Incentives.

Coming Soon

IDO Launchpad

Through a secure yet simple to use hosted service, Libre allows individuals and companies to issue their own “compliant” tokens and develop and deploy smart contracts.

Coming Soon

Libre Animal Farm NFTs

Get your hands on limited edition Libre Animal Farm NFTs which come packed full of ecosystem-specific utilities!

Fully Audited

Smart contracts are fully audited by Certik Skynet 24/7 Monitoring & Nonce Audits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Libre is audited by Nonce Blocks and also Certik. We are currently listed on Certik’s Skynet 24/7 smart contract monitoring leaderboard which is an industry benchmark for safety and security. To learn more, visit Certik’s Security Leaderboard,

Libre is listed on three decentralized exchanges including Pancakeswap, Quickswap, and Trader Joe. Libre is also listed on, a top 10 centralized exchange.

There is a 2% withdrawal fee when you withdraw Libre, this fee is taken from total rewards only. For farming only, there is also a 2% performance fee anytime you deposit into one of our farms.

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At Libre, we believe in supporting the best interests of the community first.